Our WC seats are compatible with wide range of standard models of toilet bowls of different manufacturers.

Dimensions of our WC seats can be adjusted using eccentric hinges at any time.

........step by step

Measure the distance between the fixing holes in the toilet bowl, hole center to hole center (pic.1).
Measure the lenght from hole center to the further point of the front edge of the toilet bowl (pic.1).
Measure the maximum widith of the toilet bowl, outside edge to outside edge.

Find the right WC seat. Compare dimensions of your toilet bowl to dimensions of our WC seats you can find in pic. 2, 3, 4. The dimensions included in pictures shows you possibilities of the different fixing combiations.



15800 WC seat UNI
16200 WC seat UNI designed



16500 WC seat„S”

17800 WC seat STRIP
17900 WC seat STRIP P (designed on cover)
18000 WC seat STRIP F (3 surface designed)