1. Manufacture of BLISTER type packages
  • Manufacture of profiles (blow moulding shapes or blisters) made of PVC and PET films (maximum size 65x95cm).
  • Sealing of PVC films with a cardboard undercoat;
  • Complete blister packs made of PVC films (high frequency current).
  • We offer also a possibility of design and manufacturing of moulds for film shaping.

2. Manufacture of packages made of heat-shrinkable films (maximum size - 70x55x20cm).

3. Manufacture of overprints on products using a dabber print method.

4. Manufacture of details made of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS and polyamide using

    airless moulding press.

We have in our stock the moulding presses with various parameters listed in the table below:

Injection volumeMould closing forceMaximum opening pitchMould maximum height Dimensions of mould fixing plate
135 ÷ 44901000 ÷ 8000250 ÷ 1000250 ÷ 900350x350 ÷ 1350x1350

We offer a full co-operation during the elaboration and manufacturing of moulds.
We own a tool-shop. We ensure an adaptation and maintenance of moulds entrusted with us.